You can be a busy bee with these brilliant cleaning cloths!

You can be a busy bee with these brilliant cleaning cloths!

Get all those essential jobs done around the house with these versatile all-purpose cloths

Yours Verdict

Product: Bizzybee multipurpose cloths pack of 5
Price: £2.00
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What it says it does…

Extra-absorbent, can be used again and again. Machine washable, extra strong.

 Our tester said…

This was a pack of five cloths so it already scored points with me as, for the price, it works out at 40p for each cloth.

The cloths feel really nice and chunky and have pink spots which helps brighten up the chores! I tried one cloth wet with my favourite cleaning product, Flash with Bleach, and it did a superb job of removing all those nasty stains like tea rings, off my kitchen worktops.  It was very absorbent and felt nicely thick and chunky so I could get a grip and really scrub without it bunching up or wearing out.

I also tried it dry, and did a bit of dusting with one, which although it did a good enough job, is no match for one of those ‘proper’ yellow dusters.

Getting a little carried away with myself, I took it outside and decided to clean the shed windows, which haven’t been done since last year (if at all!). I used the cloth wet and combined it with some strong multipurpose cleaner to help get the muck off the windows. Now this was a tough challenge; despite the cloth snagging on the wood frames occasionally, it didn’t fall apart and withheld being rinsed and wrung out continually until this dirty job was done. Impressive!

Although it said they could be machine washed, the one used to clean the shed windows was thrown in the bin – after all, I still had four left from my a pack of five…