Kate Hardy

Bissell InstaClean Pet Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner review

Kate Hardy
Bissell InstaClean Pet Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner review

RRP £220

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5)

Available from www.bisselldirect.co.uk www.amazon.co.uk

They say:

Rotating dirtlifter powerbrush to remove deep down dirt and stains

  • Onboard hose and tool – cleans upholstery, stairs and more
  • Includes Wash and Protect Pet (liquid) to remove tough pet stains and odours
  • 2-year guarantee.
  • Uses a combination of hand-hot tap water and Bissell cleaning formula brush agitation and suction to safely clean carpets
  • The brush is designed to enhance cleaning performance. The bristle pattern safely lifts out the deep down dirt while gently grooming carpet fibres. The floating suspension self-adjusts to all carpet heights.
  • The ReadyTools feature allows you to choose between floor cleaning or cleaning with tools simply by turning the dial. The tools setting allows for above floor cleaning of upholstery, stairs, creases along baseboards and other hard to reach areas.

Our tester said:

This was really straightforward to put together and I needed no help other than the use of a Philips head screwdriver. The instructions were clear and precise and I didn’t need to use any brute force as all the bits just slot together nicely.

It’s really light to push so although it recommends going backwards and forwards slowly over the same bit of carpet (to wash, then to pick up the moisture) it’s not hard work and it won’t make your arms ache.

It is recommended you treat stubborn or old stains first with some pet stain pre-treat for carpet and upholstery but I didn’t have any of that so just used the Wash and Protect Pet Stain and Odor including Scotchguard that came with the machine, and that worked well.


The rug in my conservatory is where my dog loves to lie and it was very dirty with lots of annoying marks. When you live with a dog, you often don’t notice the odour they create in your house as you simply get used to it, but cleaning your carpets is not only good for removing stains, it also removes odours too (much nicer for your guests!). I was looking forward to my carpets looking and smelling much nicer. Having put the machine together, the instructions recommend working out a plan of action to clean a room carpet so that you don’t end up trapped at the opposite end to the door and have to walk over a damp carpet!

I started by vacuuming throroughly first then getting down on my hands and knees and using the rotating dirtlifter powerbrush to tackle some old stains. This was so easy to use! The hose is long and the brush on the end great for scrubbing stains. There’s a lever that releases the water/cleaner directly onto the stain then you simply brush it in and watch the stain dissolve (obviously, this depends what the stain is but most of mine disappeared).

Operating the machine is easy and, as I said, it’s really light to use so it’s no effort to work your way across a carpet. It’s difficult not to get the carpet over-wet when you first start out as you have to use the lever to release the cleaner and if you get a little over-enthusiastic, you can make a puddle.

The water from the upright solution tank moves down into the collection tank at the front of the machine and you can see the dirty water filling up, which is in equal parts appalling and satisfying! My rug in particular looked so much better afterwards – cleaner, fresher and almost stain-free!

It’s simple to empty the water tank – there’s marker on the side that indicates when it’s full and you simply unclip it at the sides and pour it down the sink before clipping it back into place.

It glides easily over carpets and the smell of the cleaner is quite subtle -  not at all overpowering without a hint of a chemical odour. It also doesn’t create a lot of soap suds which could leave white marks on your carpets or upholstery,

The tank of water lasts for ages – it was enough to do my entire bedroom carpet – and I was very pleased with the results. Not only did it look and smell cleaner, it felt more springy underfoot too!

Downsides – it’s quite noisy (my cat hated it!)
Spits occasionally

I would definitely invest in one of these if you have a dog or a lot of pets as it’s not a chore to operate and gives very good results. A good investment, the InstaClean Pet is really effective but gentle and the whole cleaning experience is a good workout too!