Sharon Reid

BISSELL CrossWave all-in-one cleaning system review

Sharon Reid
BISSELL CrossWave all-in-one cleaning system review

Rating: ★★★★  (4/5)

Available from: BISSEL direct

Price: £249.99 

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What they say:

For complete convenience… If your home has multiple types of flooring then the BISSELL CrossWave is the perfect solution as it can vacuum and wash hard floors and rugs at the same time! Providing impressive cleaning results, it has powerful suction to remove unwanted dirt and dust, whilst simultaneously washing your floors using its unique multi-surface brush roll.

What’s more, with digital fingertip controls you can change the surface settings as it glides across your floors. No wonder it was awarded the Red Dot Award in 2017 for its product design!

Can your vacuum suck up spilled cereal and milk?

Can your vacuum suck up spilled cereal and milk?

What our reviewer thought:

I'm not usually one to get enthusiastic about the prospect of cleaning so I approached testing the BISSELL CrossWave with some reluctance. Little did I know that once I started (with the intention of trying it on one rug) I'd be so taken with it that I'd end up doing the whole house, top to bottom! 

When you pop the CrossWave out of the box it takes just seconds to clip together. You top up the tank with water and the BISSELL cleaning solution supplied, then you're ready to go. The beauty of the product is that it mops and vacuums at the same time and glides from carpets to hard surfaces at the flick of a switch. 

The great thing is that it washes, vacuums and dries as it goes. So, gone are the days of having to vacuum and mop – you can do the whole house in half the time because you're not having to use different products for different surfaces.

You will get dust, marks and sticky stains off of hard floors and be able to revitalise rugs as the device injects the multi-surface cleaner into the fibres as the rotating brush lifts the dirt.

One big advantage of the wet to dry function is that the water dampens down the dust as you go so we found our house felt much fresher and cleaner (and more dust free) than it would if we'd vacuumed. And, when you come to empty the machine there's not the cloud of dust you get with bagless vacuums.

I do have just two reservations that stop this being a five-star review: 

As with all upright vacuums the BISSELL CrossWave struggles to get into corners and tight spaces. Also it's quite heavy and too cumbersome to use on the stairs - so sadly my dream of ditching my current vacuum cleaner and replacing it with this would prove difficult. 

Overall this is a fantastic product. So easy to use and so effective it (almost) makes cleaning a joy. 

The BISSELL CrossWave is available from, Amazon, AO, JD Williams and Lakeland with an RRP of £249.99