Bamboo Spark review

Convert doodles and writing to digital documents – we review the Wacom Bamboo Spark

Yours Verdict

Product: Bamboo Spark available from
Price: £119.99
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What they say it does:

This  smart folio allows people to take handwritten notes to capture, shape and share ideas. Once written on the notepad in Bamboo Spark, no idea is ever lost. With the push of a button, Wacom’s new product synchronises what has been written or sketched on the paper to the Wacom Cloud, storing it for later refinement. The Bamboo Spark can also convert handwriting to text.

What our reviewer said:

Although I use technology everyday there is still something so satisfying and familiar about putting pen to paper. The Bamboo Spark offers this but with an exciting modern twist as handwritten notes, letters, lists, designs, doodles and other ideas are digitally saved and stored as a pdf, image or text on a smart phone, tablet or ipad.

I have loved using the Bamboo spark. It looks good and it is quick and simple to set up, as the free app guides you through the process of setting up a free account and shows you how to connect it to your device. Once this is done it is even easier to use as almost everything can be done with the Bamboo pen, a pad of paper and just one button.

This may sound ridiculous but the biggest challenge was remembering to turn it on and not getting carried away with wonderful simplicity of putting pen to paper.

The biggest selling point for me is that I don’t have to type up my notes from meetings and important ideas don’t get lost in a sea of paper work saving me so much time! I have also enjoyed editing files once they have been saved and sharing them via email or through a range of apps and social media. This product really does have endless possibilities and I would definitely recommend it.