Armarkat Cat Tree review

Armarkat Cat Tree review

Purrfect or paws down? We ask a Yours kitty to review a cat tree

Yours Verdict

Price: £90.99
Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ (1/5)

They say never to work with children or animals, so perhaps it was a mistake asking my cat to review the Armarkat cat tree for Yours. He seemed singularly unimpressed.

First things first though, the tree was relatively easy to build, coming with a simple diagram and a handful of screws. It took us about 15 minutes to assemble, although the hanging tunnel fell off promptly – I’m not sure whether this was a lack of skill on our part or a design failure.

Moomin, my cat, was delighted by the box it had arrived in. Typical. When it came to exploring his new playground, he just wasn’t that bothered. Partly I put that down to cat behaviour in general, but in some ways I don’t blame him. The snuggly hammock at the bottom is just too low to the ground to let a cat feel safe – they like to have a high perch usually – and the tunnel (before it fell off) is at an awkward angle. He did like the tunnel on its own, and shot in and out of it when it was on the floor, so perhaps it was the design of the tree which put him off.

One plus point is that it looks rather attractive, in a pale cream fur cover, so it doesn’t stand out too much in the room. A big minus for me though is the price, I think £90.99 is just too steep unless you have a house cat who is desperate for entertainment.

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