Animat Cool Gel Mat

Help your furry friends keep their cool in the summer

Yours Verdict

Price: £17.99
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What they says it does...

It uses a new cooling system gel technology that's designed for people and applied to pets. Uber-cool as its been clinically proven to do so by direct touch, cooling an animal on contact by quickly absorbing its body heat.

What our reviewer said...

It took my stubborn dog a while to get used to this mat, but after persevering with it she has now come to accept it and even seek it out if it gets a bit too warm for her - especially after a long run. It doesn't need any activating or putting in the freezer so we take it in the car and caravan with us. It's tough, durable, folds and is even resistant to claws. I have the larger version with the lightweight cotton cover, so she can sprawl to her heart’s content. In fact this is also good for humans too, my husband loves laying on it to cool his aching back.

Prices start at £17.99