Amazon Kindle Fire HD review

Amazon Kindle Fire HD review

One of the best value tablets available

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Product: Available at
Price: £79.00
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What it says it does:

The new Fire HD 6 is a feature-packed HD tablet at a breakthrough price. There's more to enjoy than ever before with a stunning HD display, faster performance, lighter design and longer battery life than the previous-generation Fire HD.

What our tester said:

The Kindle Fire HD is beyond an eReader, and is more of a tablet. It can be used to connect to the internet, to take photos and - of course - to download and read eBooks from Amazon's website. I downloaded a novel using my existing Amazon account (you can either do this directly from the tablet if you're somewhere with wifi or connected to your home internet, or via your computer which will instantly connect up to the Kindle) in a few seconds - it was incredibly fast. Then it's simply like reading a real book: you flick past the cover and contents (unless you want to skip to a particular chapter) until you find page one, and away you go. You can zoom in or out, and change the colour of both text and background, depending on what suits, plus there's an easy dictionary function from a tap on any word which confuses you. It remembers your place - although you can of course skip back - and turning pages requires a simple swipe to the left.

One advantage was its lightness, and the fact it only requires one hand, which meant I could read while eating...Although this probably isn't recommendable for digestion!

The major downsides are firstly that you can only download books from Amazon, which means you can't shop around, and secondly the slightly complicated interface. It's not as straightforward to use as an iPad, and you'll either need to give the instructions a good read or - if you're impatient like me - just bumble around on it until you find what you want. But, I think for the price of £79 (when compared to iPads which start at £329) it's incredibly good value, and a good way to test the waters of both eReaders and tablet devices.


Facts and figures:

Screen Size 6"
Resolution 1280 x 800 (252 ppi)
Processor Quad-Core up to 1.5 GHz
Battery Life 8.5 hours mixed use
10 hours when reading
Audio Dolby audio
Mono speaker
Built-in microphone
Wi-Fi Single band Wi-Fi
4G None
Camera Front-facing camera +
2 MP rear-facing camera
Storage 8GB
Dimensions 169 x 103 x 10.7 mm
(6.7" x 4.1" x 0.42")
Weight 290 grams