Lizzy Deningallergy

We put allergy products through their paces

Lizzy Deningallergy
We put allergy products through their paces

It turns out the Yours team are a sneezy bunch! Between us we've got everything from eczema to psoriasis, hayfever to rhinitis. So who better to put these Allergy Best Buy products to the test?

White cotton gloves for eczema review


Ideal for the winter months when the wind and cold air makes my hands feel dry and chapped and eventually leads to split knuckles! They also help prevent oily smears from creams getting on to your bedclothes.

They felt very soft and comforting and did a good job of keeping my hands moist while I slept. 
The extra-long cuff didn’t benefit me at all as it kept rolling down but I did like the box effect inserts as I have quite large fingers and it allowed them to ‘breathe’. Difficult to get on without help as, of course, your hands are covered in cream.

I didn’t wash them but the fact you can boil them at 90°C means they can be re-used without risk of infection.

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Sea-Med Seaweed Soap review


This product was soft and gentle and nicely cleansed my skin without giving it that ‘stripped’ feeling – perhaps the most nourishing soap I’ve ever used! However, it didn’t leave my skin smelling as fresh as I would’ve liked which was a little off-putting.

Having said that, it’s reassuring to know that it’s not packed with lots of artificial fragrance like a lot of soaps which can really irritate my skin. I think this soap would be a handy product to have in the bathroom cupboard for when you experience dry skin flare ups and you need that extra bit of TLC - but I wouldn’t use it on a daily basis. I did not attempt to use this as a shampoo as I have afro-textured hair which requires much more nourishing ingredients than this soap contains.

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FeatherFresh Pillow review


This pillow cleverly allows asthmatics and allergy sufferers to sleep on a feather pillow without risk of irritation. It's got dustmite-proof casing and can even be boiled in your washing machine without damage. It's great for those with dust allergies or pet allergies, and is all-natural. It's hard to tell how much it helped with my own issues (rhinitis) as I was reluctant to stop taking my nasal spray before bed, but as far as I can tell it helped me sleep a little deeper and wake up without a runny nose. It was slightly thinner than I would want a pillow to be normally, but I suppose that is a matter of personal taste, and it could always be added to a second. 

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Cottonfresh Dust Mite Proof Pillow Cover review


If the pillow seems a bit pricey, or you're happy with the shape and size of your own, consider these dust covers instead. They are reasonably priced, and easy to pop over the top of your pillow. They don't leave you feeling sweaty, like plastic covers can, as they are unbleached, un-dyed cotton. My partner, an asthmatic, has been using them and his breathing has been calmer than usual, even during the recent cold snap. They have a 10-year-guarantee and promise to block out dust mites to make breathing easier, as keep your sleep irritation-free.

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