Aldi Premium Stand Mixer review

Aldi Premium Stand Mixer review

Food mixers can often be an expensive piece of equipment to splash out on, so we put one to the test

Yours Verdict

Product: The Premium Stand Mixer is part of Aldi's Christmas Kitchen Essentials range in stores for a limited time only
Price: £149.99
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What Aldi say...

With more attachments than any other stand mixer on the market; you can rival fellow bakers with this stylish powerful mixer. Make use of all accessories,  included in the purchase price, to create the most magnificent bakes and creations.

The attachments also allow culinary creatives to make savoury dishes such as homemade sausages, pasta and kebabs. So Aldi’s Premium Stand Mixer can help create something to suit everyone’s taste. Easy to use, with eight speeds, this baker’s dream appliance even features a comfortable grip handle and allows easy access to the generous sized mixing bowl for checking consistency and taste, or even adding those extra secret ingredients.

What did our reviewer think?

“Instead of splashing out or buying something cheaper than doesn't work as well, Aldi have offered a compromise with this middle range mixer. But it doesn’t quite have the same look as the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixers that shine from the Lakeland shop windows. Side by side, the Aldi Standing Mixer has a chunkier look. The corners are a little sharper and the plastic looks a little cheaper. It’s also only available in cream or cherry red. However, in the kitchen, it's just as good as it’s expensive pastel competitor. ”

“This mixer rose to the challenge splendidly when faced with the task of baking thirty gingerbread men. The gingerbread came together quickly and the dough attachment was particularly good for giving the dough a nice sheen. The settings on the mixer are also simple to understand and the fastest setting didn’t involve bits of dough flying around the kitchen, which was a bonus. I also loved the sturdy metal mixing bowl. The best feature of the mixer, for me, was the sucker on the bottom. For once I didn't have to hold my mixer down to prevent it from bouncing along the kitchen work surface, it stuck like glue.”

“I was sad to package this up and send it away, especially with Christmas looming round the corner. It would be brilliant for whipping up a last minute trifle or a batch of biscuits. It's simple enough to work and doesn't hurt your ears with a droning mechanical sound. It might not look as pretty, but Aldi's mixer does the job just as well and saves you a whopping £201.00 in comparision to the more expensive KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer."