AEG Mastery BPS25102LM oven review
AEG Mastery BPS25102LM oven

Product: AEG Mastery BPS25102LM Built In Electric Single Oven

Price: £549
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

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They say... 

Cook with style, passion and pride with this stunning built-in single oven from AEG. It’s a multifunctional model, so you can grill, bake and roast a variety of meals. The clever SteamBake function adds moisture to the oven as your food cooks, so you can look forward to a perfect home-baked loaf every time. It also has an electronic programmable timer, so you can set the oven to turn off when your food’s ready. It’s has a pyrolytic self-cleaning programme too, which heats the oven to a really high temperature, burning food and grease to ash that simply wipes away.

What our reviewer thought...

The build

What I perhaps like most about this oven is the quality – it feels solid. The door is particularly robust and easy to open and close and doesn’t have that ‘slam back’ feature like many others.  

There’s a total of five shelves, each of which are numbered according to the appropriate food and it’s cooking temperature. Open the door and you’ll find a handy little diagram displayed on the inside showing what to cook, where and at what temperature. I find this particularly useful, as it means I no longer have to rely on the often-inaccurate advised temperatures on food packaging.

No matter what temperature you cook at, it’s quadruple glazed door means the glass never gets hot on the outside - which is a great safety feature if you have children and/or pets in your household. It’s control panel lock is also designed to prevent little ones from opening the oven door or altering the controls and accidently endangering themselves.

With a capacity of 71 litres, there is enough space to cook large family meals and the racks are sturdy enough for heavy food items, such as meat and poultry - I find that can easily cook a family roast dinner and a dessert at the same time!

AEG Mastery BPS25102LM oven


This oven feels powerful and it takes a little bit of getting used to. It cooks food thoroughly, evenly and quickly. Pre-heating takes approximately 6.5 minutes. If you do follow temperatures on recipes or food labels, I would recommend that you can shave five or ten minutes off of the normal cooking time, or reduce the advised temperature by 5 degrees Celsius, so not to overcook your food.

Unlike most electric fan ovens, this model is very quiet and doesn’t have a noticeably loud humming noise. It lets out one short beep once the temperature has been reached and once the timer has ended.

It’s a multifunctional model, so you can grill, bake and roast a variety of meals and its electronic programmable timer allows you to set the oven to turn off when your food is ready - which I find particularly handy when in the shower, watching TV or entertaining guests. I found the instruction manual to be little confusing first (and laid out much more complicatedly than was necessary) but once I got my head around it, I found the programmes very straightforward to use. 



When I first saw the photos online, I assumed that viewing food through the grid-patterned glass would be a bit tricky - but this isn't the case. Once turned on, the bright light inside allows you to see exactly what colour your food is at every stage of cooking and the grid effect is barely noticeable. 

In addition to this, I think this appliance would look great in both traditional and contemporary kitchens - you really can't go wrong with black and stainless steel. The digital display is clear and easy-to-read and I really like how the flashing bars which you to see how close your oven is to reaching temperature. 


Special features

SteamBake programme

This function is a real treat for fellow budding bakers. Simply turn the dial to the correct programme and pour water to the base of the cavity – this will produce a blast of steam which adds moisture as your food cooks, perfect for crispy breads and biscuits and fluffy cakes. My coconut cookies came out crispy on top and chewy in the middle - perfect!

Pyrolytic self-cleaning

This handy feature does the hard work for you! No longer will you have to get onto your hands and knees to scrub away dirt, or use the harsh, toxic chemicals in oven cleaners. It’s self-lock features means safely and securely heat up to 500 degrees celcius to burn off any traces of fat and grease, leaving just a small pile of ash to wipe away. The cycle takes approximately 1hr 30mins, but according to – it only costs a few pence per cycle, so will save you money in cleaning products in the long run.

Additional heating ring

This feature distributes heat evenly, ensuring dishes are still cooked evenly – so there is no need to gingerly swap heavy hot trays around in-between cooking.

AEG Mastery BPS25102LM oven

Overall verdict: This is a sleek, well-designed, robust, powerful oven. The price tag may seem a little high if you're on a budget, but it's performance is worth every penny! Perfect for families and/or baking enthusiasts.