A very handy gym towel

A very handy gym towel

Our reviewer wondered why no one had ever had this idea before?

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Product: Gym Sweat Towel www.blue-frog.uk.com
Price: £7.99
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What our tester said:

"I've often left for the gym without a bag and arrived only wondering what I was going to do with my 'stuff'. Usually I'd unwisely leave it in a pocket of my jacket in the changing room or cart it all with me if it was busy. So this handy sized sweat towel was the perfect, simple, solution. Made of soft absorbent microfibre it features a zipped pocket at one end which can hold your keys, gym card and purse and a sectioned off area which is about the right size for a mobile phone. It's suitable for men and women as it's available in grey or pink."