A truly fabulous kitchen cloth!

A truly fabulous kitchen cloth!

Find out what happened when we put the new Vileda kitchen cloth through its paces…

Yours Verdict

Product: www.vileda.co.uk
Price: £2.29
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

Vileda Microfibre 2in1 Kitchen Cloth

What it says it does…

Power zones remove tough dirt without scratching and microfibres leave brilliant surfaces.


Our tester said:

A small but very impressive purple kitchen cloth. One side is all microfibre and very soft to the touch, although I preferred to use it while wearing rubber gloves as the feel of the material had the same effect on me as nails scratched down a blackboard.

It can be used wet or dry and I liked the shine it brought up on my work surfaces and kitchen tiles.

The reverse side is a stripey looped plastic (like the hook-up used on Velcro) which really does lift the dirt and shifts stubborn marks.

As with many other Vileda products this cloth is washable by hand or machine which makes it very useful and gives it a longer shelf life.

It will definitely be added to my shopping list when I need another one.