A powerful cordless iron

A powerful cordless iron

Our reviewer loved how quickly you can worh through the ironing with this product

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Product: Tefal Freemove FV9970 cordless iron (2600w)


Price: £99.99
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What it says it does....

The new, brighter Freemove irons provide freedom of movement whilst maintaining optimum power.

What our tester said....

I hate ironing with a passion. So anything that'll make the task slightly less laborious is certainly welcome. The Tefal Freemove has a base that clamps to your ironing board (and mine has remained there while the board is hung up). The base has the mains cable attached to it and is long enough for me to position the board where I can actually watch the TV - another bonus! The iron itself is heavier than my usual corded one, but this for me was not a 'con', in fact I prefer it. It has a large water reservoir, the dials were easy to read and the constant steam button was under the handle so more ergonomically friendly. The iron charges incredibly quickly and it'll alert you to put it back on the base for an almost instant recharge. Not having a cord certainly made things easier, no getting it caught on the ironing board or screwing up parts of shirts I'd just ironed. I whizzed through a basket of crumpled clothes in no time. What a revelation! The only thing I struggled getting used to was not being able to stand the iron up, but that's just habit.