Blitz that kitchen with a 2-pack Spontex Long Lasting Kitchen Cloths

Blitz that kitchen with a 2-pack Spontex Long Lasting Kitchen Cloths

Get rid of dirt and grime with the minimum of elbow grease using a Spontex kitchen cloth

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Product: 2-pack Spontex Long Lasting Kitchen Cloths
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Price: £1.25
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

What it says it does…

Cuts through grease and grime. Strong and hard-wearing multi-purpose  cloths, with powerful microfibres. perfect for a number of cleaning tasks around the home.

Our tester said…

Who doesn’t love a nice new cleaning cloth? This one is thick, a good size (36x38cm/14 x 15in) and has holes to help trap crumbs and dirt. It did a great job of cleaning my kitchen worktops and when I used it to clean the hob after cooking, it got rid of all the caked-on spillages, although I had to soak it in bleach afterwards as it got very stained (and I like my cloths to be white!)
I used the other cloth in the pack to wet-clean my lounge and it was ideal for this as it’s non-abrasive and suitable for wood, too. I didn’t use a household cleaner, just water, and it left surfaces clean and scratch-free. The generous size meant I didn’t have to keep rinsing it out, too. Perfect for wiping down skirting boards and the bannister on the stairs – you could really get carried away with this cloth!
Ultimately superior to thin, ineffective J-cloths that you usually need to throw away after one use, these are £1.25 for a pack of two, representing excellent value – and they can be machine washed to 60°C.