Win a family games set

Win a family games set

You could be one of 14 lucky winners who will receive our family games bundle from Drumond Park! 

The recently refreshed All Star Family Fortunes team game (rrp £19.99, age 8 to adult) comes complete with 300 brand-new ‘Our Survey Says’ questions. 

In the box are scaled-down versions of all the props from the programme, including the famous electronic ‘Uh-Uh’ buzzer. Play Og on the Bog – an action game (£22.99, age 5+), where you try to steal Og’s loo rolls while he sits on his bog. Carefully lift a roll from the gnarled stick, but if the bog explodes you’ll lose it… and have to start all over again!  

Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad (rrp £22.99, age 5+) is an electronic board game which centres round a snoring ‘Dad’ who jumps bolt upright from his bed when he’s woken by mischievous children on their way to find treats. If you Don’t Wake Dad you’re the winner!

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