The UK's top 20 Christmas thrift tips revealed!

Shopping at budget supermarkets, ditching ‘experience days’ for traditional family outings and setting present-spending limits top the nation’s favourite low-cost Christmas tips, with more than half of UK adults (52%) saying they use discount codes, voucher and loyalty points to save on the celebrations.

Inviting yourself to a relative’s house for Christmas, using money apps and planning ahead to avoid last minute panic purchases also feature in the list of 20 cash-saving tips compiled by

The survey also found that woman are savvier Christmas shoppers than men being much more likely to plan ahead and use a range of purse-pleasing tactics including setting a budget and hand making gifts and cards to keep costs down.

Claire Peate at said, "For many people, Christmas puts added strain on already stretched finances - but as our survey shows, some forward planning, sensible budgeting and a little Christmas creativity can help you shave the cost of your festive spending.

"Money-off coupons, loyalty points and apps can help cut the cost of a wide range of goods and services - from supermarket shopping, books, restaurant meals to days out, enabling you to reduce the amount you spend without compromising your festivities,” she adds.

The nation’s top 20 favourite festive money savers are:

  1. Use vouchers, discount codes or loyalty points
  2. Set a budget for presents and keep to it
  3. Buy presents in the sales
  4. Avoid expensive Christmas experiences
  5. Plan gift ideas in advance rather than buying at the last minute
  6. Cut down the number of people you buy presents for
  7. Agree a price limit for gifts for family and/or friends
  8. Shop at a cheaper supermarket than last year
  9. Use money-off apps
  10. Reduce the number of people on your Christmas card list
  11. Swap you Christmas turkey for chicken or other meat
  12. Reuse or make your own Christmas wrapping paper
  13. Plan traditional family days out instead of expensive treats
  14. Make homemade gifts or cards
  15. Drink at home before going to a Christmas party to save money on buying drinks when out
  16. Buy joint presents with family or friends
  17. Send e-cards or emails to save on the cost of buying Christmas cards and postage
  18. Use a 0% credit card to spread the cost of Christmas
  19. Create homemade Christmas games
  20. Invite yourself to eat Christmas dinner at your parents' house (or other relative or friend's house).

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