The top 5 bargain destinations for a May getaway

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

For those looking for a long-haul getaway, there is good news for beach lovers, as your pounds will go further this year in Brazil. This means the white sand beaches of Rio de Janeiro are even more tempting!

The pound is 26 per cent stronger against the Brazilian real this year, when compared to the same time last year. This works out to great savings on your holiday cocktails on Copacabana beach – a cocktail for R$21 would have cost you £5.95 in 2014, but would set you back just £4.70 this year.

Key facts

Flight time from London: 11hr 25m

Average temperature: 27 degrees

Exchange rate: £200 buys you R$ 892

2. Fethiye, Turkey

Turkey is offering British holidaymakers plenty of sun, sand and seas, as well as great travel money deals this May, with the pound strong against the Turkish lira.

With your pound going 18 per cent further against the lira, you can soak up the sun on Turkey’s striking coastline knowing your holiday budget is going further this year. A day’s diving for 159 lira for example, would have cost £47.27 last year, but comes to £41.29 this year.

Key facts

Flight time from London: 4h 10m

Average temperature: 25 degrees

Exchange rate: £200 buys you 770 lira

3. Stockholm, Sweden

Those looking for a city break should consider the nearby Swedish capital of Stockholm. An eye-catching city with great restaurants and cool fashion stores, this city of Scandinavian cool is extra appealing this year, with your pound 17 per cent stronger against the Swedish krone. 

The stronger pound means that you could see significant savings on the cost of your accommodation. A room at the First Hotel Reisen would cost you 1705 Swedish krone, which works out as £134.59 this year - £24.84 cheaper than last year.

Key facts

Flight time from London: 2h 15m

Average temperature: 18 degrees

Exchange rate: £200 buys you 2537 krone

4. Budapest, Hungary

Book a city break to the Hungarian capital of Budapest and your pocket will thank you – the city offers you great deals on your food, drink and cultural trips. This year the pound is 14 per cent stronger against the local Hungarian forint, helping your holiday budget stretch that bit further in Budapest.

Many people would recommend a trip to the city’s thermal baths, which were built in the 16th Century. Entrance costs you 4,700 Ft, which was worth £13.06 last year, but with this year’s exchange rates, entrance to the baths costs £11.42.

Key facts

Flight time from London: 2h 30m

Average temperature: 24 degrees

Exchange rate: £200 buys you 82,280 forint

5. Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech city of Prague is a wise holiday destination choice for those looking to get more bang for their buck this holiday season. This city break offers you the chance to explore the gothic Old Town of Prague, followed by a relaxing Czech beer in the evening sun. A stronger pound this year against the Czech koruna means that beer will taste all the sweeter!

If you want to discover more about Prague’s beer scene, you could choose to stay at one of the city’s brewpubs and hotels. The strong pound will help you make savings on the cost of your accommodation.  Hotel U Medvídk? is a hotel in Prague with its own brewery, which would cost you 4120 koruna per night this year – which works out as £112.05 – a good saving on the £126.52 that it was worth last year.

Key facts

Flight time from London: 1h 55m

Average temperature: 23 degrees

Exchange rate: £200 buys you 7,353 koruna

Thanks to Tracy Bownes from travel money specialist moneycorp for sharing these tips.

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