The nation’s biggest home décor turn-offs revealed

The nation’s biggest home décor turn-offs revealed

Avocado bathrooms, woodchip wallpaper and bathroom carpets top a list of the UK’s biggest turn-offs when it comes to home décor styles of decades past. We’re also not fans of lava lamps, artex ceilings or mass-produced prints, according to the poll by lighting retailer LEDHut.

Despite our self-confessed hatred for these décor disasters, a massive two thirds of us owned up to having at least one of them lurking in our homes. The survey of 2,000 UK adults showed that more than one in five of us is enduring artex ceilings, while almost as many are living with net curtains and lino flooring. A nostalgic one in 12 of us is clinging on to the Nineties' craze for lava lamps, while a retro one in 20 admitted our homes are still sporting Sixties' favourite pine-wood panelling.

We spend £410 a year doing up our homes

However, while many of us may be tolerating old-fashioned styles, we’re a house-proud nation too – with the average person spending £410 each year on doing up their homes, and two thirds of us admitting to re-decorating within the last two years.

Home décor also appears to be at the root of our arguments, with more than a quarter confessing to bickering about it. In fact, it seems many of us are caught in a power struggle when it comes to making decisions about home decorating – and while more than 90 per cent of women claim to call the shots, 65 per cent of men say they’re the ones in charge!

UK’s worst home-style offenders

  1. Avocado bathrooms
  2. Woodchip wallpaper
  3. Bathroom carpets
  4. Artex ceilings
  5. Net curtains
  6. Mass-produced prints (eg ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’)
  7. Animal print
  8. Fake flowers
  9. Pine-wood panelling
  10. Mirrored walls
  11. Lava lamps
  12. Floral wallpaper
  13. Lino flooring
  14. Pastel kitchens

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