Tesco is selling rare gold-flecked gourmet avocados
GEM avocado 2017.jpg

A rare and unique gourmet variety of avocado has been exclusively launched by Tesco across the UK. The Gem avocado which has eye-catching, natural gold flecks on its outer skin offers a smoother and creamier taste than regular varieties because it remains on the tree much longer.
It is also slightly sweeter than other varieties and has a thicker skin making it easier to scoop out with a spoon. The launch should cause a stir for the growing number of UK avocado fans with demand so strong in the last few years that the fruit has even overtaken sales of oranges for the first time ever.

Healthy eating boosts avocado sales

At Tesco, avocado demand is up by more than 30 per cent in the last year alone because of the current interest in healthy eating.

Tesco avocado buyer Andrew Pattison said: “This outstanding avocado stands out from other varieties because of its rich taste, melt in the mouth texture, smooth creaminess and slight nuttiness.

“But it is also notable for its eye-catching golden lenticels or speckles which appear on the dark skin of the ripe fruit and which make it stand out from other avocado varieties.

Perfect for an exotic entrée

Perfect for an exotic entrée

“It’s not the kind of avocado you will want to mash up and turn into guacamole but rather show off as a special treat at a dinner party as either an exotic entrée or part of the main dish.”

The Gem will be supplied from a number of countries, but specifically South Africa at the moment. It is currently farmed by an elite group of licensed growers around the world. The ones Tesco are getting are grown in South African and are hand-picked to ensure the fruit remains in top condition.

Tesco recently sold two other rare varieties of avocado – a mini version called Zilla Eggs and a giant sized one called the Avozilla, which is roughly five times the size of the regular type.

The Gem is on sale perfectly ripened and ready to eat in two pack sizes – extra large for £3 and large for £2.75 - in around 200 stores across the UK.

Andrew Pattison added: “Avocados have massively grown in popularity from the days when they were still considered a niche food 25 years ago and have even made their way onto British breakfast menus as a trendy and tasty addition to egg on toast.” You can even spread Tesco's Avocado spread (£1, 250g) on your toast!

The health benefits of avocados

  • Avocados are a source of vitamin E, which helps in the protection of cells from oxidative stress
  • They are a source of B6, which aids the normal functioning of the nervous system. Vitamin B6 also helps in reducing tiredness and fatigue and supports the normal functioning of the immune system.  

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