Seven ways to wrap the perfect Christmas present

Seven ways to wrap the perfect Christmas present

Some of London's greatest gift wrappers offer these suggestions:

1. Get in the yuletide mood

Get yourself in the mood to wrap by putting on your favourite Christmas album and enjoying a mince pie. Setting the scene will get you in the festive spirit and ready to wrap that pile of Christmas gifts! 

2. Measuring materials

Always measure your wrapping paper first. Top tip: To get the desired length of paper use ribbon and wrap around the gift. Then lie the ribbon on the paper to use as a guide before cutting.

3. Wrapping perfection

To cut your wrapping paper in a straight line, mark the paper at the edge of the sheet and fold it – then simply cut along the crease to create the perfect straight edge.
Top tip: Use the excess paper strips to create homemade bows. Simply twist each strip to form a loop at both ends and staple it in the centre. Then layer the three longest pieces on top of each other, spacing them evenly and securing each with a glue dot to create a perfect flower.

4. Control that sticky tape

Always use a dispenser; it means you only pull the amount of tape you need and easily do using one hand. Top tip: Use double sided tape to hide any unwanted marks and ensure the present looks really neat.

5. To wrap that perfect Christmas jumper

Wrapping soft items like clothes can be tricky as they have no defined shape. To make it easier simply cut a piece of cardboard to the correct size, place the item on top and wrap. 

6. Attention to detail

Neaten each edge by folding 1/2 inch on one length to create a nice straight even line. Fold the other side into the middle of the gift and bring the folded side over so it overlaps. Keep the paper tight and secure with tape.

7. Make it gorgeous

A Christmas tree stacked with luxurious looking presents makes the perfect Christmas centrepiece. So, to make your gifts even more gorgeous don’t be scared to get creative. Add a real ‘wow factor’ and experiment with anything from pearls and glitter, to baubles and bows. Whether you want your gift to ooze sophistication or look delightfully over the top this will certainly add that extra sparkle!

To give you a little helping hand this Christmas, the Duke of York Square in Chelsea will be offering a complimentary gift wrapping service available to all shoppers from now until Christmas Eve. Skilled gift wrappers, trained by international gift wrapping expert Arona Khan, will be in the Square ensuring each and every gift is perfectly wrapped.


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