Save ££s on your shopping!

Save ££s on your shopping!

Day 1:

Shop at your local street market and go late afternoon because that's when they sell stuff off - a tray of tomatoes for £1 or 3lbs of cheese for a £1 is the norm.

Day 2:

Go clothes shopping during the week when the shops are emptier and it's easier for you to try things on calmly. The less stressed you are, the more you're likely to make a good decision.

Day 3:

Before going clothes shopping, take a photo on your mobile of the clothes you have in your wardrobe that you want to match, so that you don't end up wasting money on items you already have.

Day 4:

When buying electronic goods expect to have something thrown in for free, particularly free delivery. If they won't take away your old appliance too, go elsewhere.

Day 5:

Bulk buy with friends. If one of you belongs to a cash and carry, get together and work out how much you each need, buy things together and then share them out.

Day 6:

Avoid being charged the full price on reduced goods. Place all your reduced items right at the front of the conveyor belt. That way it’ll be easy to check your receipt.

Day 7:

Embrace the discounters. Home Bargains ( offers top brands at bottom prices including Bio-Oil Skincare 60ml for just £4.99, compared to £8.99 at Boots.


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