Save on summer bloomers with Aldi’s special buys

Head to Aldi from this Thursday, July 9th to pick up plants at penny-pinching prices.

All round favourite climber, Clematis is on sale for £3.99 in a range of colours guaranteed to brighten up walls, trellises and fences. You can choose from eight varieties including:

  • Comtesse de Bouchard
  • Hagley Hybrid
  • Piilu
  • Rouge Cardinal
  • Justa
  • The President
  • Guernsey Cream
  • Sunset

For beautiful colour every year, Aldi is also offering vibrant perennials for £2.49 each.  Choose from eight varieties: Achila, Leucanthemum, Campanula Rapunculoides, Penstemon, Campanula Carpatica, Delphinium and ScabiousDigitalis.

To find out more about Aldi’s range of Specialbuys, click here. Hurry, as once they’re gone, they’re gone!

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