Removing germs without chemicals – the Vileda 100?C Hot Spray Mop review

Removing germs without chemicals – the Vileda 100?C Hot Spray Mop review

An affordable and easy to use steam mop

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Product: Vileda
Price: £59.99
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

What it says it does:

Light-weight and cordless, the Vileda 100?C Hot Spray Mop is the first of its kind, combining all the power of Vileda’s superior microfibre technology with the ultra-hygienic qualities of hot water, to give a deep down clean, removing 99.9% of bacteria without the use of chemicals.

Ready to use in only 90 seconds, simply unplug the mop and you can easily carry it around your home, with no cord to get caught around table legs and a swivel head to easily manoeuvre around furniture.  With no heavy bucket to carry, the 100?C Hot Spray Mop offers convenience when cleaning your hard floors, including wood, tiles and laminate, for up to 30 minutes with hot water.  Its easy-to-use trigger sprays hot water directly onto the microfibre pad, allowing you to control how much water you put on the floor.

Easy to clean, the long-lasting microfibre pad can be popped straight into the washing machine after use.

What our reviewer said:

As the main door to my house leads directly into my sitting room and having a cat, two dogs and three children, I am fighting a constant battle to keep my laminate floor clean, so I was eager to try the Vileda 100?C Hot Spray Mop.

The unit comes in three pieces, but it was easy enough to click the pieces together by following the illustrated instructions. However when I came to open the water reservoir the lid was very stiff and took me a few attempts to get enough grip on the cap to twist it open.

The cable was quite short so I had to find an easily accessible, low down socket to plug it into. As promised on the box it took a less than 90 seconds to heat up and once the green light was on, the outside of the unit only felt slightly warm to the touch.

I needed to pump the spray a few times to get the microfiber cleaning cloth wet enough, but once I got going it only took me a few minutes to mop two rooms. The mop head swiveled easily and made it a breeze to get into tight corners and under furniture and because so little water is used the floor dried quickly.

Overall I was pretty impressed with the mop, I especially liked the fact that I didn’t have to use any chemicals yet I still felt confident that it was getting rid of the germs because of the hot water. My only grumble was the difficulty I had opening the water reservoir, but this might improve with regular use and on the whole it's a very good product.







Facts and figures:

  • Light-weight and cordless
  • Heats up in only 90 seconds (quicker than a kettle) and provides up to 30 minutes of cleaning time with hot water (above 90?C)
  • Easy-to-remove machine washable microfibre pad removes 99.9% of bacteria from the floor without the need for chemicals
  • Easy to control with the trigger  - spray directly onto the pad rather than the floor, controlling how much water you use
  • Ideal for use on all hard flooring including wood, laminate and tiles