It's official: September 12th is the start of Christmas!

It's official: September 12th is the start of Christmas!

The sun is shining and leaves still cling to trees, but our thoughts will become more festive this Friday. September 12th has been named as the date we officially start planning Christmas, according to online gifting site, Wrappler.

Who's been good this year

Deciding what gifts to buy friends and family is the first activity we do, closely followed by deciding which friends and relatives to have round for Christmas Day. The study found that women were more organised than men with 87% of those polled admitting to writing Christmas-related lists by early September.


Spreading the cost

A big reason for starting now is to spread the cost with respondents saying that splitting present buying over three months helped avoid a bulk expenditure in December. Others said it was in the shops, so they might as well start: “Some shops start stocking Christmas gifts as early as August so that makes it easy to start planning and buying early," said one organised respondent.

Something to look foward to

Other reasons for starting early include having a big family and not having enough time to shop; wanting to be able to relax in December and having something to look forward to after the summer holidays.

“Planning Christmas isn’t about planning one day anymore - there’s Boxing Day and New Year to think about too. It’s not surprising that people start planning as early as September because there is so much to sort out,” said a Wrappler spokesperson.

Mince pie anyone?


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