How to bag a secondhand bargain

Looking to pay less for clothes, furniture, gifts or groceries? Then use our top tips for finding secondhand bargains!

At car-boot sales

You need a good eye at car boots to weed out the rubbish from the hidden gems. A lot of things are usually the items that no one wants from the back of the cupboards but have a dig through and you can find some treats.

Baby and children's items are a great buy 

Baby and children's items are a great buy. Little ones grow out of clothes quickly so they are usually in great condition, so you can easily treat the grandchildren. Looking for labels and high-street names are a must as you know the quality will be good. Avoid those that look washed out and over stretched.

Make sure you check out any fruit and veg stalls too. It’s usually the fresh goodies the seller has leftover but if you’re working to a tight budget then it’s a great place to pick up some veggie bargains.

Up cycling

Furniture is a good secondhand buy and with some clever up cycling you can turn a tired looking item into something special. Try up cycling a chest of drawers simply by sanding down, repainting and covering the sides and fronts in wallpaper or try chalk paint. Look for secondhand furniture on local-selling sites on Facebook or try or

Charity shops

Charity shops can be very hit and miss. Look out for the ones with constantly changing stock and always keep your eye out for good, branded items. You may even be lucky enough to find some with the original labels still on.

However, charity shops are wising up to the value to items so you may not be able to bag them for as much of a bargain as you could a year ago.

Online auction sites

Online auction sites are a gold mine for secondhand goods. When bidding, it's always best to watch the item until the last five to 10 minutes and then put your bid in. You’re less likely to be outbid and there’s less of a chance you’ll overbid.

Always check the seller’s feedback before bidding. Sellers with high feedback are generally more reliable as they are less likely to do anything that will ruin their rating.

Never take your transaction out of the site. If anything was to happen and you didn't receive your item or it was faulty, they will help resolve the dispute.

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