Get ready for Black Friday’s flash sales!

Get ready for this week’s flash sales run by retailers on Black Friday (28th November) and Cyber Monday (1st December). "These have been traditional discounting dates in America that follow Thanksgiving and UK stores have also joined in with the one-day only price-cuts," explains Anita Naik from Vouchercodes. "Last year, shoppers bagged up to 70% off items from beauty products to gadgets and one in four Brits is expected to shop for bargains this Friday."

Anita shares her tips for getting the best deals:

1. Be prepared

Black Friday is a great day to pick up big-ticket electronics, white goods and other high-value items but many of the best deals tend to only be available for a very limited time.

2. Do your research beforehand

If you have a particular TV in mind check which stores stock it and make sure they all deliver to your area or have a local pick-up facility so you don’t get any dead ends on the day. If you’re torn between a few items make sure you’ve done your research and checked the reviews beforehand so you can just add to your basket and go when the discounts come up.

3. Set a budget

Sometimes the temptation to pick up a few extras can be too much so make sure you review your available budget ahead of the day and stick to it. Set a ‘contingency budget’ for extras so you know you can treat yourself if you want to but will still be in control. Keep a note of what you spend in each store and add it up to make sure you can cover it – Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings tend to be more fun when you don’t leave yourself short of cash for the rest of the month.

4. Sign up to retailers' emails

Traditionally the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that go live are only available for a limited amount of time with some flash sales lasting minutes. To make sure you don’t miss out sign up to get the emails of any retailer selling an item on your list, or if you’d rather keep your inbox clean keep an eye on pages like Voucher Code's Black Friday Special Page for a rundown of the latest codes, deals and discounts from across the internet as they become available. 

5. Try things on

If you’re hoping to update your wardrobe or even your make-up kit, Cyber Monday is a great day to do so with huge deals across national retailers available online. If there are particular items you can only justify buying with a discount make sure you’ve been to the store and tried them on wherever possible. Get that foundation matched at the beauty counter or test out the dress you’re coveting ahead of the day. 

6. Stick to a list

Whether you’re planning to buy all your Christmas presents or just fancy treating yourself, the temptation to add things to your basket because they’re oh-so-cheap can soon add up. Make a list of things that you know you definitely want to get and have a few standby items in mind if you want to make sure you have fun without blowing the budget.

7. Saving predictions

If you need a new TV, invest in one on Black Friday - we’re anticipating the biggest discounts to be on screens over 46” this year. Make sure you watch out for iPad Mini deals (most likely 1st generation) as well as savings on portable laptops and ultrabooks. We’re expecting e-reader deals to go live on Cyber Monday, while, more generally, headphones, cameras and smartphones are guaranteed to see a price crash.

Top 10 items Brits will snap up on Black Friday

  1. Clothes
  2. Cosmetics/ beauty products
  3. A new TV/ DVD player
  4. Christmas decorations, films and music
  5. Toys
  6. Homeware
  7. New eReader, tablet or phone
  8. Games consoles
  9. New furniture
  10. White goods

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