Free snowball dough balls at Pizza Express

Free snowball dough balls at Pizza Express

For today only you can enjoy a free portion of snowball dough balls by popping to your nearest PizzaExpress and using the magic words, “Free Snow Ball Dough Balls please!” No purchase is necessary if you take away but if you want to eat in you will have to buy a main course.

The Snowball Dough Balls are a festive favourite combining PizzaExpress’s iconic Dough Balls, with a sprinkle of cinnamon, a flurry of icing sugar and a generous dollop of vanilla-cream dip.

The Snowball Dough Balls are back on the menu this week as PizzaExpress reveals its new Christmas dishes including twists on the traditional such as Mince Pie Cheesecake and festive ‘Anatra’ pizza with succulent duck and a mouth-watering plum sauce.

There are also two festive set menus to choose from – a two-course lunch menu for £14.95 or a three-course menu including a glass of Prosecco for £19.95 - ideal for keeping a budget on Christmas gatherings.

Terms and conditions are available on the Pizza Express website.