Donate unwanted bikes at Halfords for great cause

If you have an unwanted bike why not give it a new lease of life and help improve people's lives in Africa.

From today until Tuesday April 19th, you can take a bike to any local Halfords shop and donate it to Re-Cycle - a UK charity which sends old bicycles to several poor African countries such as Haiti, and trains people how to repair and maintain bikes.

A bike can be a first step towards a better life

In rural Africa where there is no public transport people have to walk long distances to access education, health care and employment so a bike can be a first step towards a better life.

Any bike that is crack free with less than 25 per cent rust is ideal. Adult bikes are most needed but all bikes in reasonable condition – including children's bikes – will be accepted.

Anyone who donates an old bike will be offered a 10 per cent discount on a new bike or cycling accessory.

Find out more here.

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