Deal of the day - Eat well for less at M&S

Marks and Spencer is encouraging us to stick to healthy-eating resolutions with three for £10 mix & match on Balanced For You and Count on Us ready meals in stores until February 2.

Dishes in the Balanced For You range are high in protein and can be included as part of a weight-loss or weight-maintenance diet. Count on Us meals are developed to be low in fat and calorie controlled to help those who are trying to lose weight. The maxium saving with this deal is £3.50.

You can choose from:

  • Balanced For You Haddock & Leek Gratin - £4.25/380g
  • Balanced For You Sticky Sesame Chicken & Spiced Wedges £4.25/370g
  • Balanced For You Courgetti & Broccoli Spaghetti with Steak Bolognese (pictured) £4.00/400g
  • Balanced For You Pomegranate Chicken & Supergrain Pilaf £4.00/365g
  • Count on Us Pork & Mustard Bake £3.50/360g
  • Count on Us Creamy Chargrilled Chicken Caesar Pasta Bowl £3.50/360g
  • Count on Us Chargrilled Vegetable & Mozzarella Melt Pasta Bowl £3.50/370g
  • Count on Us Steak Meatball Pasta Bowl £4.00/360g

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