Lizzy DeningChristmas

A sneak peek at Cadbury's Christmas range

Lizzy DeningChristmas
A sneak peek at Cadbury's Christmas range

Which of the Cadbury's Christmas range will you be asking Father Christmas to bring?


These adorable little chaps are Cadbury Dairy Milk Jolly Santas, £2.99 for a pack of five

Cadbury Stocking-02.jpg

Will you choose Wispa, Dairy Milk, Twirl, Crunchie, Dairy Milk Orea or Double Decker? With the Dairy Milk Selection Stocking Box (£3.99) you'll have one of each.

CDM Oreo Snowballs.jpg

Dairy Milk Snow Balls are a bit like having a boiled egg - you crack the top and scoop out the mousse centre with a spoon. This year there are Oreo versions, £2.99 for a pack of four.

Cadbury Classic Collection.jpg

For a traditional treat that will take you back to your childhood, there's a classic selection box featuring Whole Nut, Dairy Milk, Fruit and Nut and Caramel in their original packaging and complete with a history of each bar. £5.99.

Heroes Advent calendar.jpg

This year there's a new addition to the Cadbury advent calendar family - a Cadbury Heroes one! £4.99.

Cadbury Snow Bites Crackers.jpg

A jolly purple cracker that's packed with yummy Snow Bites, for £2.99.