Brits spend £520 on barbecues

Most of us enjoy cooking and eating outdoors in the summer but new research says it can leave a dent in our wallets. Between hosting and attending barbecues, Brits will spend an average of £520 on everything from burger buns to corn on the cob, according to

The host spending the most

On average, we will host four barbecues throughout the summer, spending £100 on each. We will also attend four, spending £30 on food, drink and gifts to take with us each time. A surprising 18 per cent of us will spend up to £300 on hosting a barbecue for friends and family.

And almost half of us (43 per cent) want our garden to look at its best to impress our guests so  plan on ‘doing up’  it up, with more than a third (34 per cent) spending around £300 on the revamp.

Summer most expensive season

One out of three Brits say summer is the most expensive season as they plan on splashing their cash on holidays, festivals, sporting events, amusement parks and a new summer wardrobe to make the most of the sun.

Natasha Rachel Smith at TopCashback, says: “Summer can easily be expensive as we do more activities outside to make the most of the inviting weather, which can drive up costs with barbecues, picnics, days out and visits to amusement parks. Planning ahead can insure the cost of summer’s months of fun go by like a breeze. I stock my freezer with foods I like on the barbecue before the season starts and prices are hiked up; I also plan my days out and make the most of discount vouchers and Tesco Clubcard tokens."