Britain's secret heaters revealed

Households across Britain are erupting in arguments over the heating, with a third of Brits (29%) admitting to rowing with, or being irritated by the people they live with over the thermostat.

The reason for the nation's heating wars boils down to cost, with 44% of those who have argued about warming the home admitting that it's down to the charges they face on their energy bills, says

A quarter of Brits own up to adjusting the heating in their homes without consulting with who they live with. However, they aren't the stealthiest bunch, with 63% of those who’ve sneakily tried turning up the thermostat admitting to being caught in the act – 37% of those being women.

Men are the more incognito of the bunch with just a tenth being caught out; however a third of males will deny ever touching the thermostat compared to only a tenth of women who won't fess up.

But despite being a nation of secret heaters, over half of Brits claim that they would rather put on extra clothing than put the heating on.

Stephen Murray at MoneySuperMarket says: “The fact that over half of Brits claim that they'd rather put on extra clothing than succumb to putting the heating on, shows the nation is still concerned with energy prices. Avoiding the heating and adding extra layers can obviously bring down bills, but it is also crucial consumers take steps to ensure they aren't overpaying for their energy.”

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