5 Valentine’s collectables to set hearts aflutter

5 Valentine’s collectables to set hearts aflutter

1. A Moschino heart-shaped bag - 1980s-90s

This gorgeous glitter-covered hard-sided 18cm (7in) bag from the Italian luxury fashion house gets our hearts racing! Current value: £250-£350

2. Valentine pin - 1920s

This fun, heart-shaped pin made in Japan in polychrome-painted celluloid 5cm (2in) wide, is valued at £30-£40.

3.Christian Lacroix floral "Valentine" outfit - 1980s

We're head over heels with this pretty, strapless top with a sweetheart neckline and heart-shaped flower detail, together with a matching pencil skirt from the famous French designer. Current value: $400-600 (£260-£390)

4. Hanging Wisteria perfume bottle - 2001

This gorgeous heart-shaped bottle with 'painted flamework' 11cm (4.25in) high is by Zelique Studio, well known for their beautiful and intricately-detailed glass creations. Current value: $200-$300 (£130-£195)

5. Superman Valentine card - 1940

Who doesn't want a card from a superhero admirer! In 1940, Quality Art Novelty Company issued dozens of different Superman Valentine's Day cards including the example pictured above. Current value: not known