19 ways to have a romantic Valentine's Day on a budget

1. Rosy savers

Red roses might seem like a pricey option come Valentine's Day. But fear not, there are deals to be had! Debenhams is selling a dozen red roses for £25.99. And, if you go to their website you can also get 16.5 per cent off using the code: VCVD165. Save even more money by clicking through cashback sites like Quidco and TopCashback, which give you money back.

2. Buy flowers in season

If you’re planning on buying flowers for your loved one but don’t want to splash out on the supermarket prices then focus your attention on flowers in season. Hydrangeas, irises and tulips are all ideal for Valentine's Day.

Hydrangeas, irises and tulips are  ideal for Valentine's Day

3. DIY cards

What about the Valentine’s card? Well, that’s covered too. And making it extra personal doesn't have to be more expensive. Try using websites like Gettingpersonal where personalised cards start from just 99p. Or make our fabulous card here.

4. Cinema savers

It's officially award season and with the Oscars on the horizon there's a huge choice of blockbuster movies on at the big screen. Book now at Cineworld - you can save 10 per cent on tickets and you don’t have to pay any online booking fees.

5. Bargain bubbles

Opt for a cosy night in with a movie and a bottle of fizz instead. Discounters Aldi and Lidl sell award-winning prosecco and champagne, but without the hefty price tag. Tesco is also selling prosecco from as little as £5.50. And at ASDA you can snap up the real deal with their £10 Louvel Fontaine Champagne. Check out Aldi's new win delivery service here.

6. Diamond deals

And for added sparkle, they do say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And you won’t necessarily be put off by the price tag.  Diamond earrings start from £80 at Goldsmiths, while Ernest Jones currently has up to 25 per cent off on selected diamond rings.

7. Stay in and cook

Don’t panic and assume you have to eat out to make the day special. A romantic home-cooked meal can be even nicer and shows you've put in a lot of effort. The cheaper price-tag is an added bonus too.

8. Send romantic notes

An expensive card isn't nearly as nice as romantic love letters throughout the day. If you're at home, leave notes around the house and if you're at work try sending something nice over text or email.

9. Buy wine beforehand

If you're sharing a bottle of wine together then make sure to buy something in advance. The major supermarkets will up the price once it gets close to the big day as they know everyone will be clambering for a bottle.

10. Recycle an outfit from Christmas

If you're getting dressed up don't waste money on a new outfit when Valentine's fashion is so similar to Christmas. Grab that sparkly number or swish suit from the wardrobe and you'll be ready to go.

11. Get crafty

Collect up any old cinema stubs, train tickets, photos, etc and turn into a beautiful present. A collage would work as a piece of art or a memory book that can be added to over the years.

12. Play old board games

It may sound strange but studies have suggested that playing childhood games with a loved one can bring you closer together due to a sense of combined history. So pull out some golden oldies and let the games commence.

13. Have a movie night

If you're both a fan of the movies why not create your very own cinema at home? Get in a variety of snacks and dim the lights to create a romantic atmosphere. Then, choose some romantic films for a special evening.

14.  DIY spa

If you're both celebrating Valentine's Day after a long day then a spa could be the perfect option. Don't fork out for expensive packages when scented candles, bubble baths and massages create the perfect experience.

15.  Engrave favourite jewellery

Jewellery is expensive to buy so consider getting a favourite item such as a ring or necklace engraved for at your local jewelers for a small price. For example, you could have the necklace your partner wore on your first date engraved with the time and date.

16. Theatre tickets

If you fancy an evening of entertainment but don’t want to splash out too much try calling your local theatre on the morning to see what tickets they have. Many theatres will sell empty seats cheaply on the day of the performance.

17.  Bake their favourite cake

If your loved one has a sweet tooth consider baking their favourite cake or dessert for Valentine's Day. It shows a great deal of thought and effort whilst only costing a fraction of the price of dessert at a restaurant. Try these easy Red Rose Cupcakes or this fun Valentine's Jelly Heart.

18. Ballroom dancing

Valentines could be a great opportunity to try out something new you’ve never done before. Have a look on voucher websites for discounts on fun activities such as ballroom dancing as a way to make your evening a bit different.

19. Spend time with other couples

If you don't feel the need to make it a romantic night in, consider spending the evening with other couples. If everyone brings something to share, such as wine and cheese, you can create a perfect night in for very little cost.

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