15 ways to save money on Christmas decorations

1. Pine cones

Throughout autumn keep an eye out for pine cones, taken them home, dry them out and get ready for some Christmas decorating. Perfect in bowls and vases as a centerpiece or you can wrap thread around them to create a hanging decoration.

2. Salt-dough ornaments

Mix some salt, flour and water together for your dough and get crafty with different shapes and patterns. Cook in the oven and decorate afterwards with paint and glitter and you’ll have some great decorations for your tree at a tiny cost.

3. String up real ivy

Ivy is ideal for stringing up indoors. Drape over mantelpieces, picture frames and mirrors for a gorgeous festive look.

4. Christmas card décor

Make the most of those Christmas cards you get sent every year and turn them into decorations. Hole-punch the top so you can thread string through and create Christmas bunting or use them as gift tags.

5. Pompom baubles

Why not try painting some plain baubles yourself or make some miniature pompoms out of wool or tissue paper? They can be reused every year and will make your tree feel more personal.

6. DIY Snowman

Grab a clean white sock, fill with rice and tie three small elastic bands or hair bobbles around to create a body and head. Decorate with beads or fabric and you can have a whole collection of DIY snowmen sat on your mantelpiece.

7. Turn off fairy lights when you’re not home

Fairy lights do make your home look and feel Christmassy but they’re also adding to your electricity bill. Make sure you turn off your lights whenever you’re not at home to save money. You can save 20 per cent on energy-saving LED Christmas lights here.

8. Re-use tinsel

When taking down your decorations resist the urge to throw out items such as tinsel. Fold carefully and wrap in plastic bags before putting in boxes and they’ll stay exactly the same ready for next year.

9. Studded candle

Christmas candles are the perfect decoration but shops can charge lots of money for their fancy designs. Get crafty with some golden stationery pins or use a glitter pin to create your own original pattern.

10. Christmas music roses

Find some festive music sheets for Christmas carols and hymns and use them for crafting some paper flowers. It’s easy to do and can create a beautiful garland or bouquet for your home.

11. Replace bulbs in fairy lights

When the bulbs go in your fairy lights it can be tempting to throw them away and cash out for a new set. But in reality changing a few bulbs isn’t difficult at all and will save you a fortune.

12. Makeshift snowflakes

If you didn’t learn how to make paper snowflakes in primary school then now is your chance. Choose some paper you like and get creative with the grandchildren by cutting the corners off folding paper to make pretty patterns perfect for sticking on your windows.

13. Berry branches in bottles

This is a simple but effective décor idea that simply involves finding some berry branches in the garden and placing in vases and bottles. Don’t buy new vases for the project instead recycle used wine bottles for a vintage feel.

14. Charity-shop decorations

Keep an eye out for Christmas decorations in charity shops. Lots of people donate items they no longer so you can find great ornaments and decorations for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

15.  Festive draught-excluders

Make your own draught excluder from an old pair of woolly tights filled with stuffing and decorate by sewing festive patterns or phrases on top. Not only will these decorate your home but will save you money on your heating bill as well. Keep winter chills at bay with our no-sew draught excluder here.

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