12 secrets shops don’t want you to know
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Shops want to make money and we want to keep it in our purses so we’ve uncovered some of their secrets to help you save!

High-street savings

1. If you’re eyeing up a new dress in shops such as Next and Monsoon, check the tag for a handwritten code which may mean the item will soon be discounted. Look out for a mix of letters and numbers such as 40A, S13 or G4.

2. Shops often arrange clothes by colour or what’s new that season. But a few days before a sale staff often re-arrange items by type. If you see things being moved around, wait to buy.

Check for handwritten codes

Check for handwritten codes

3. Beware of pre-sale price hikes - furniture and white goods sometimes get marked up before a sale so that when they’re discounted they appear to be more of a saving.

4. The clearance sale rails are purposefully messy so you spend less time there. Seasoned bargain hunters know it’s worth having a good rummage!

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Supermarket tricks

5. Avoid the deli counter - deli cheese is often priced higher than the same cheese pre-wrapped in the aisle.

6. Expensive and branded products are often placed at eye level, so scour the shelves above and below for cheaper alternatives.

Avoid pricey cheese from the deli counter

Avoid pricey cheese from the deli counter

7. Save by shopping later - you’ll find discounts of 70-90 per cent after 7pm.

8. Check the unit price when comparing items, it may be cheaper to buy two smaller packs of tea bags than one big one, for example.

9. We’re conditioned to expect the products at the end of the aisles to be bargains - but before you buy check it’s actually good value.

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Online shopping tricks

10. Try the online equivalent of walking away to get a discount. Make sure you’re logged in with the retailer. Put the item in your online shopping basket but don’t complete the purchase. The next day or so you may find they email you a discount code to get you to buy.

Wait a day or two before checking out

Wait a day or two before checking out

11. Haggle via online chats - many sites allow you to ‘chat’ to staff to ask questions about products. Mobile phone companies, electrical brands and some high-street retailes have live chat options. Negotiating via live chat allows you to check out the deals they’re offering as you go so you know if you’re really getting a bargain.

12. Check for discount codes by using the free internet browser add-on Pouch. It shows the best voucher codes are you shop online, so you don’t have to visit multiple voucher-code websites.