Women’s state pension arrangements to be debated today

Today at 4.30pm, MPs will debate the fairness of the state pension arrangements for women born in the Fifties. The debate is in response to campaign group Women Against State Pension Inequality’s (WASPI) petition which highlights that some women born in the Fifties have seen the age at which they are entitled to state pension rise, sometimes with little or no notice. WASPI’s "Make fair transitional state pension arrangements for Fifties' women" petition has now garnered over 100,000 online signatures.

MPs will debate the fairness of the state pension arrangements for women born in the Fifties

You can read more about the rule changes and their implementation in our "State pension change for women is unfair" article here.

You will be able to watch the debate from Westminster Hall here.

Tom McPhail at Hargreaves Lansdown, says: "The government appears determined to stick to its guns, arguing that the policy of raising state pension ages is the right one, that it took reasonable steps to communicate with those affected, the issue was adequately debated at the time and that there is no money available for any kind of transitional arrangement. The campaigners have built up a considerable head of steam and have widespread support; the challenge will be to make the case that there are individual groups of women who do indeed have legitimate grounds for a transitional arrangement and also, specifically how it could be paid for.

"The cost of any government concession could very quickly run into £billions so it is hard to see how the government could give any ground without some off-setting measure elsewhere, such as raising further the retirement age for subsequent generations."

At the last debate in the House of Commons on January 7, the government showed little interest in actively engaging in the debate at all, with the motion being won 158-0.

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