The top 5 financial resolutions for 2015 revealed!

As 2015 gets underway, many of us are aiming to stick to New Year’s resolutions to do more exercise and eat a healthier diet. However, research shows just one in six Brits (15%) has considered a financial resolution this New Year with spending less on everyday finances topping a recent money resolutions poll.
According to the findings from Fidelity Personal Investing, as a nation we seem unwilling to see the New Year as an opportunity to take control of our finances and improve our financial wellbeing. 2014 was a big year of change for savers and investors thanks to the changes announced by the Chancellor in the Budget and Autumn Statement. These changes have made pensions and ISAs more flexible and attractive vehicles for your savings, and the New Year is the ideal time to set yourself up to take full advantage, says the financial provider.
Overall the top five popular financial resolutions are:

  1. Spending less on everyday items (36%)
  2. Saving more into a savings account (33%)
  3. Saving more into an ISA (26%)
  4. Paying off some debts (25%)
  5. Reviewing finances to make money go further (23%)

Maike Currie at Fidelity Personal Investing, comments: “Many look to the New Year as a chance to get personal affairs in order, but it is vital that reviewing your finances is part of this. Whether you are in your 40s or 60s, it’s always a good idea to regularly take stock of your finances. Even small steps can lead to a big difference. With the new changes made by the Chancellor this year, there are lots of opportunities that will help maximise savings and investments, don’t be the one to miss out.”

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