Summer is the best time to get a boiler service

Having your boiler serviced regularly is essential to ensure that it runs efficiently and safely. Yet most of us opt to have our heating equipment checked in the winter. However, The Building & Engineering Services Association says now is the best time to have your service done while engineers are more readily available and bills are lower.

Mark Oakes from B&ES, advises, “Clearly heating engineers are far less busy during the summer months so it’s a good time to call in a registered heating engineer, and you can normally expect to pay around 20% less for a boiler service. In the winter a typical boiler service  costs around £120, but in summer it's not uncommon for the cost to come down to £80."

A well-maintained boiler will be more efficient and safer

And not only will a well-maintained boiler operate more efficiently, it will also be safer. Around 40 people in the UK still needlessly die every year from preventable carbon monoxide poisoning caused by defective domestic gas appliances and poorly-ventilated systems. And thousands more are admitted to A&E with suspected CO poisoning. So get it checked.

All B&ES companies providing services to homeowners are TrustMark members and all B&ES members that undertake gas work are also Gas Safe registered. To find an engineer click here.

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