Lidl 'effect' boosts property prices

Lidl 'effect' boosts property prices

Research by online estate agents has found that average property prices in postcodes which have the budget supermarket are on average 19% higher than neighbouring postcodes that don’t . looked at the location of Lidl supermarkets in some of the major towns and cities across the UK and found that, in 80% of cases, the average property price in the Lidl postcode was higher by an average of almost £29,000.

For example, according to figures, the average house price in the Reading postcode RG45, which has a Lidl supermarket, is £447,428. This compares to the neighbouring postcode RG12, which doesn’t have a Lidl, where average house prices are £274,381. 

It’s well documented that when a Waitrose or Marks & Spencer opens in an area, property prices are boosted as buyers are attracted to the area. But it seems there is also a ‘Lidl effect’, as the growing popularity of the budget supermarket draws buyers to an area.

Alex Gosling of online estate agents, said: “There’s no longer a stigma attached to shopping at budget supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi, and that is clearly reflected in average house prices.”


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