How to cut the cost of Christmas

How to cut the cost of Christmas

Christmas is on its way and although it's an exciting time it can often lead to concerns about budgeting for the big day. One way to cut costs is to get creative in the run-up to Christmas. Fear not, we've got some top tips to help you save the pennies and still have a fablously festive Chrsitmas!

1. Craft your own cards

Fed up of sending what feels like the same winter-scene cards every year?  Making your own unique festive greetings cards is a great way to keep on top of costs this Christmas.  Plus it’s more personal and more fun than sending out shop-bought cards.

2. Keep a Christmas journal

A journal in the run up to Christmas, with budgets and lists galore, can help keep you on track when it comes to money.  Make notes alongside any to do lists of how much everything costs to help stay on top of budgeting.  Keep an eye on who’s sorted and who still needs a gift.  Not only is this practical but it will help cut down on unnecessary purchases and expensive panic buying.  Of course, a Christmas journal doesn’t have to be all business.  You can mix it up with classic journaling like keeping photos and tickets and vouchers which should help you keep track of the bargains for next year!

3. Get the family creating

Making your own Christmas decorations is fun for all the family, especially the grandchildren, so why not save some pennies and get everyone participating in Christmas at the same time?  You can keep it fairly simple and craft a Christmas wreath or go all out and make new ornaments.  Making your own is a great way to save money on decorations as you’ll want to keep you special creations for years to come!  With the Stampin’ Up! Simply Pressed Clay kit they’ll last for years too.

4. Go handmade

If you have a lot of people on your ‘nice’ list this year and a lot of presents to buy why not get creative?  For example you can personalise homemade cookies with a Stampin’ Up! Seasons Sweet Pressed Cookie stamp.  Friends will be thrilled with the thoughtful gift and best yet it’s so much easier than you think to make and wrap your own handmade gifts.

5. Think outside the (gift) box

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to presents, especially when it comes to someone who’s particularly hard to buy for.  Personalised photo albums and scrapbooks make wonderful, thoughtful gifts.  You can put together photos and mementos for someone special in a Document Journal from Stampin’ Up!