Cut the cost of your spring cleaning

Cut the cost of your spring cleaning

1. Choose a clever cloth

Don't put up with second-rate cleaning cloths that rip, dirty and thin every time you use them. Choosing something more hard-wearing (that may cost you a little more in the first place) will save you cash and elbow grease in the long run.

Go for anti-bacterial cloths as these last longer, are machine washable and won't start to pong after a couple of uses- which keeps germs and nasties at bay too! 

2. Get your hands in

Dishwashers are the wonder workers of the kitchen that unquestionably save us lots of time, but the amount of energy and water they guzzle in comparison to hand washing doesn't always make them work their while.

For most your cups and crockery, just a short rinse and wipe is all they need, which you can easily do by hand and police the amount of washing up liquid and water you use as you go.

But if you can't quite bring yourself to ditching the dishwasher just yet, be sure to turn off its heated drying cycle and hand dry instead, to save a packet.

3. Miracle microfibre

Investing a little more in re-usable microfibre cleaning products means there's no need to buy pricey household chemicals. Microfibre gets into the nitty gritty of your dirt much better than standard cloths and absorbs moisture better too so it's a win- win for saving you time and money.

4. Rinse and repeat

Instead of going through mountains of single-use wipes or paper towels (which all tot up), get your hands on super absorbent cloths, like a sponge which can slurp up around seven times more water than its thin, soggy paper towel cousin.

Multi-purpose soak ups are ideal too for wiping, dusting and mopping up spillages around your home- and you can re-use them time and time again.

5. Out with the odours

No need to fork out for air fresheners or expensive air sprays to see off whiffy smells. Just add a few drops of your favourite essential oil (like lavendar or orange) to a spray bottle filled with water and then give it a squirt whenever your home's in need of a burst of sweet-smelling freshness.

6. Little and often

There's more to life than cleaning and this often means our housework jobs end up creeping down to the bottom of our to-do list. But trying to keep on top of the chores, by doing a little job here and there, rather than going for a big blitz every few months, will mean you won't have to pay out for tougher, more expensive cleansers. 

Often simple spills only need a mild detergent and water to clean up, if you deal with it straight away.

Aim to tackle one thing – however big or small your schedule allows – every day and you’ll soon fall into the habit of giving your home the once over on a regular basis.

7. Make your own

It's not always worth paying out the nose for specialist cleaning fluids when the homemade stuff can do exactly the same job.

For an easy cleaner to blitz common stains and spills, mix together vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice and dab this onto your problem spot.  Baking soda mixed with warm water also makes a great all-purpose cleaning solution and deodoriser, which is great for kitchen surfaces and appliances.

8. Recycle and reuse

For spills and marks that aren't especially tough, you don’t always need to head outdoors and invest in a hardy equipment like scourers- instead look a little closer to home. For example, old tooth brushes are perfect for cleaning tile grout and hard to reach places. Just be creative with the stuff you have lying around the house.

9. Clean up your housework plan

Being economical with your approach to cleaning, rather than pouncing in to tackle any mess in sight straight away, could save you both time and money.

You should always clean your surfaces first and then floors last, so that dirt and dust isn’t just moved from one spot to another (meaning you have to go over it all again and waste yet more detergent!)

Avoid leaving the tap running while you clean the shower and other bathroom appliances, to save on water bills.

10. Skip the skip

Finally getting round to a declutter is always such a relief! And you can keep those high spirits up by not heading straight for the tip with your rubbish but instead using a service like eBay or Gumtree where you can make cash from your clutter. This could also save on a waste removal service like a skip – or even simply petrol or bus fare on a trip to the charity shop.

We've got lots of other ideas for how to recycle your rubbish here.

  • Tips from homecare and laundry brand, Minky. The Minky range of cleaning products includes cloths, mops, buckets and scourers, and is available at ASDA, Dunelm and B&Q
  • There's more money saving advice in every issue of Yours magazine, out every fortnight on a Tuesday