British Gas to cut gas prices by 5%

Around seven million British Gas customers will see their gas bills cut by an average five per cent  from the end of next month, meaning savings of around £35 per bill. This follows the price cut British Gas made in February and brings total savings to £75 this year.

Commenting on the cut that comes into effect on August 27th, Stephen Murray, energy expert at MoneySuperMarket said: “Whilst customers have to be notified 30 days before any increase to price, a cut in bills can be brought in immediately, so it’s disappointing British Gas is making its customers wait over a month before they see this reflected in their bills.

There's a glut of far cheaper tariffs available through shopping around

" And whilst we welcome the move - especially before winter -it's long overdue and may seem underwhelming compared to how low wholesale prices really are. Standard bill payers shouldn’t sit on their laurels; there's a glut of cheaper tariffs available through shopping around with average bills that are around £200 lower – a far bigger saving than British Gas is offering," adds Stephen.

Mark Todd at agrees that now is a good time to find a better deal: “With energy prices coming down, in the switching market Britons can get much, much cheaper bills – often 20–30 per cent off. Our advice is don’t just settle for 5 per cent. Switch and get 25 per cent off.”

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