Britain’s most loathed fees revealed!

Unreasonable parking charges top the list of least-popular fees and charges, according to new research by insurer Direct Line. This is closely followed by ATM cash withdrawal fees, and debit and credit card surcharges for booking items such as air travel, cinema or concert tickets.

Fourth on the list was having to pay to use public toilets, followed by compulsory tipping and/or automatically-added service charges.

When asked why we’re so frustrated by these charges, almost of half of us (48%) said it was because the item the fee or charge covered should be free. And almost a third (31%) of those surveyed were angered because they felt these charges were disproportionately high and 29% were frustrated because the product or service it’s attached to is already expensive.

Direct Line commissioned the study to raise awareness of the fact that it has removed amendment fees on its policies – a charge that was voted the nation’s 10th most loathed fee and charge.

Top 10 most loathed fees and charges

  1. Unreasonable parking charges
  2. ATM cash withdrawal fee
  3. Debit/credit card surcharge fee e.g. when booking air travel or concert tickets
  4. Charge to use a public toilet
  5. Compulsory tipping / automatically added service charge
  6. Booking fees on tickets e.g. music concert
  7. Bank overdraft fees
  8. Passport renew/replace/update charge
  9. Mobile phone roaming charges
  10. Charge for amending/updating insurance policy details e.g. new car or address
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