Best money deals this week - November 6th

Boost savings while supporting Marie Curie...

  • Yorkshire Building Society has launched a two-year fixed-rate Marie Curie Bond paying 2.25 per cent yearly or 2.23 per cent monthly. Savers can invest from £1,000 up to a maximum of £2 million. Additions are permitted while the issue remains open, but early access to funds is not allowed. A donation equalling 0.20 per cent of total deposits held will be paid to Marie Curie by YBS. This deal can be operated in branch and by post or alternatively, online for those aged 16 or over.
  • Verdict: Yorkshire BS has linked up with Marie Curie by agreeing to donate the equivalent of 0.20% of total deposits held in its new Marie Curie Bond. At 2.25 per cent, this is a highly competitive deal that sits just outside the top 10. It should prove popular with those looking to help a good cause as well as receive decent returns.

For top-paying one-year savings...

  • Metro Bank has launched a new one-year fixed rate bond paying 2.10 per cent upon its anniversary or 2.08 per cent monthly. Savers can invest from £500, but additions and early access to funds are not permitted. This deal is for savers aged 18 and over and can be operated in branch, by telephone and online.
  • Verdict: This bond from Metro Bank heads straight to the top of the market and enters the Best Buys as a result. This is a great choice for any saver looking to maximise their interest over the shorter term.

For a cheaper fixed-rate mortgage...

  • Virgin Money has reduced the rate of its two-year fixed mortgage, which is now priced at 2.52 per cent until February 1, 2018. This deal is for all customers who borrow up to £1 million at 80 per cent loan-to-value. No fee is payable and an incentive package for remortgage customers of free valuation and free legal fees is available. This deal has the flexibility of being able to make overpayments of up to 10 per cent of the outstanding balance and take payment holidays. Virgin Money’s lending area includes Scotland.
  • Verdict: This mortgage is reasonably priced in the market. With no fee and an appealing incentive package for remortgage customers, this is a great choice for anyone looking to keep initial costs down.

For a two-year tracker mortgage…

  • Coventry Building Society has launched a new two-year variable-rate tracker mortgage, priced at 1.59 per cent to December 31, 2017. This deal is for all applicants who borrow at 65 per cent loan-to-value. A fee of £499 is payable, all of which can be added to the advance of the mortgage. An incentive package of free valuation (max £670) for all borrowers and free legal fees for remortgage customers is available. This deal has the flexibility of being able to make overpayments. Coventry Building Society’s lending area includes Scotland.
  • Verdict: Borrowers looking for a variable rate mortgage will be delighted by this latest launch. Priced at 1.59 per cent, this deal sits comfortably in the market, and with the added bonus of a low fee and a great incentive package, this is likely to be a popular choice for many.

Thanks to Charlotte Nelson of Moneyfacts.

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