Are you sitting on a fortune?

Old fashioned is the new must-have for collectors and enthusiasts – you may well have some desirable or valuable things stashed away in your attic or just collecting dust on top of a wardrobe.

"Many of the things that you may see as dated or used have really risen in value," says Megan Mulrooney at "Something you believe is worthless could make £200 or more at auction."

And it seems need outweighs sentimentality with 550,000 of us selling off family jewellery, crockery and silverware in the last five years, netting on average £1,309! says insurer LV.

Antique brown furniture is enjoying a renaissance because of Downton Abbey!

Here are Megan's top tips for what's collectable now:

  • Ceramics and porcelain Items needn’t be ancient or from faraway lands to be valuable. A soap-dish featured on BBC TV’s Antiques Roadshow that the owner bought for 25p, turned out to be an 18th-century Delftware bowl worth £5,000!
  • Vintage magazines While most sell for less than £10, others go for a great deal more. Also, vintage catalogues linked to major brand names such as Selfridges are collectable. A Marilyn Monroe first Playboy Magazine was recently valued at £700-£1,000 by
  • Toys, dolls and board games Prices for antique or vintage games’ pieces, sets, toys and dolls at auction can range from £50 to thousands of pounds. Nostalgic appeal helps to boost price. Items should be in good condition and in the original box, or a rarity. A Forties’ penny in the slot game was recently valued at £200-£300.
  • Royal and political memorabilia The public’s interest in royal memorabilia endures. While today many items are mass-produced so the value is lower, speciality still items fetch a good price. For instance, an Officer’s Club in Poperinghe menu signed by the Edward VIII Prince of Wales was valued at £150-£200.
  • Pop memorabilia Fifties, Sixties and Seventies’ memorabilia is popular, so if you have a Beatles’ pin it could be like gold dust to a collector. An autographed Beatles’ publicity photo was recently valued at £5,000-£7,000.
  • Coca-cola memorabilia Originally developed as a pick-me-up drink in 1886 by Dr John Pemberton of Atlanta, Georgia, Coca-Cola is now one of the world’s most recognised brands and a popular area for collectors. A Thirties ‘Enjoy Coca Cola’ sign was recently valued at £800-£1,500.
  • Antique brown furniture Aftera few years in the doldrums - blame our appetite for flat-pack furniture - brown furniture is now enjoying a renaissance because of Downton Abbey.

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