9 ways to save on your food shopping

9 ways to save on your food shopping
  1.  Write a meal plan each week to stop mid-week supermarket splurges!
  2. Buy a fruit and vegetable cushion for your fridge’s salad box to stop mould (Lakeland, £4.49).
  3. Shop alone to avoid unwanted extras in your basket!
  4. Shop online so you stick to a list. The middle of the day delivery times are often free or reduced by £3-£4.
  5. Go shopping when you’re in a hurry or before work so you don’t buy as much.
  6. Don’t be loyal. Go where the money-saving coupons take you.
  7. Buy own-brand goods. Sainsbury’s tomato ketchup and Aldi Del Rivo orange juice beat branded favourites in taste tests.
  8. Buy own-brand or generic painkillers rather than brand names.
  9. One-pot meals are the easy and economical solution to feeding a group of people. Find fabulous recipes including Sri Lankan-style lamb curry in 200 More One-Pot Meals (Hamlyn, £4.99).

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