9 simple car checks to do today

9 simple car checks to do today

It’s Car Safety Week (January 23-31), which aims to raise awareness of the importance of proper car maintenance.

Motorists covered a record number of miles on the UK’s road network last year. "For over a third (33 per cent) of later-life drivers, breaking down and having to call for assistance is what they are most concerned about when driving and, with this in mind, it is important to ensure your car is in tip top shape before setting off," says Doug Strachan of Age UK Car Insurance. Doug has these tips:

  1. ­Check tyre tread and pressure - deeper tread depth, such as 3mm, will give you better grip. The correct pressure can usually be found on the inside of the front doors of your car.
  2. ­Clean your lights and check they are working properly - dirt can prevent lights from giving a full glow (you can do this by facing a garage door and placing your foot on the brake pedal or turning on your headlights).
  3. ­Check and top up your oil, water and screen wash.
  4. ­Check your battery is in good condition and fully charged.
  5. If you are unsure about any of the above, consider asking a reputable garage to carry out the checks before you travel.
  6. Make sure you have full visibility from the driver’s seat and items such as ice on the windscreen do not obstruct your view.
  7. Check that your car insurance and breakdown cover is up to date, including making yourself aware of any excess fees.
  8. Check the most up-to-date weather forecast before you set off.
  9. If you have a mobile phone, check it is fully charged before leaving and has the number of a breakdown cover service stored in case of an emergency.
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