8 ways to reduce your bills

8 ways to reduce your bills
  1. Insulation cuts heating bills by up to 30 per cent. Ask your energy supplier if it has a scheme offering free insulation or money off.
  2. Buy an electricity monitor (around £30) to see how much you’re using. A ten per cent saving in electricity cuts £55 off a bill, says the energyhelpline.com (call 0800 008 7777).
  3. Move to monthly direct debit payments to save up to ten per cent a year.
  4. When you receive a bill, check your meter as estimates can be overpriced.
  5. Don’t join a provider’s standard tariff as this is usually the priciest option.
  6. Use a chimney pillow to cut down on draughts (available at Nigel’s Eco Store, from £22.99).
  7. Every degree above 21°C, you pay an extra ten per cent (or £50), so a 24°C house racks up a £150 bigger bill than a 21°C home.
  8. Save up to £320 on gas and electricity using Yours Switching on 0800 008 77 77 or www.energyhelpline.com/yours.

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