6 ways to increase your lottery chances

Back when the lottery started in 1994, the odds of drawing all six numbers and claiming the jackpot were a huge 14 million to one.

The odds of scooping the jackpot are 45,057,474 to one

However now the price of a game is £2 and they sneakily stuck an extra ten balls in the drum. This increased your chances of claiming the big prize to an even more intimidating 45,057,474 to one. So how do you win now? Here are some - hopefully - winning tips:

  1. Don't play with the most-drawn numbers - Historically they'd only have won you £1,685
  2. Overdue numbers mean nothing! The odds are the same. Interestingly the current most overdue numbers - 45, 49, 7, 24, 20, 3 - would only have won you £640
  3. Be a Politician - If David Cameron and 5 historical PM's including Tony Blair, Winston Churchill and Neville Chamberlin played with their birthdays, they'd have won over £3 million
  4. Buy a ticket in Romford, Essex. Over 1,238 adults have won a prize since the lottery began
  5. Don't be scared of playing with 1,2,3,4,5,6. It will have won you as much as the most-drawn numbers (£1,575)
  6. Don't play with the same numbers. The probability of them coming up are the same every week.

Use this fun calculator compiled by Mrgamez.com to see how often your favourite numbers have come up since the lottery launched:


View Interactive Version (via MrGamez Casino Games).

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